How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Rings

on Oct 06, 2023

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson

Director | Family run jewellers specialising in bespoke & antique jewellery
Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson started his career in Jewellery in 2008, where he began working in his father’s shop in Marlow. After learning the ropes and gaining an in-depth knowledge of jewellery, he took over the business with his brother George. Now running our Maidenhead boutique he continues in his father’s footsteps.

Joe specialises in buying in beautiful antique and pre-loved pieces that are proudly displayed in all our boutiques. He’s also motivated to blend the traditional skills and craftsmanship with the demand for digital and online content by creating our website and sharing the day-to-day running of the business and workshops on social media.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Rings

There is so much to think about when you’re planning a wedding and the process can be incredibly exciting, yet quite overwhelming. One of the many things you need to do during the lead-up to your big day is purchase your wedding rings. Your wedding rings are more than just a piece of jewellery, they symbolise your eternal commitment to one another. So, it's crucial to choose a design that you love and are excited to wear. 

Finding the perfect wedding bands is also a significant milestone in your journey as a couple. To make this monumental task slightly easier, our experienced jewellers have put together some useful information to help you choose the perfect wedding rings. Below we have explored the key things to consider when comparing different designs.

Understand the 4 Cs: Cut, Carat, Clarity and Colour

Before you dive into ring shopping, it’s beneficial to understand the “4 Cs'' of diamonds. Whilst not everyone chooses to have a diamond wedding ring, if you think you’d like some sparkle then understanding cut, carat, clarity and colour is really important. 

These parameters help you evaluate the quality of this precious stone, which ultimately impacts its price. Cut refers to how well the diamond is cut and polished, impacting its beauty, while carat indicates the weight of the diamond. Clarity is the presence of any flaws or inclusions in the diamond and colour refers to the tint of the diamond. Familiarise yourself with these terms to help you make a more informed purchase.

Compare Different Metals

Wedding rings come in various precious metals, from classic gold wedding rings to hard-wearing platinum wedding bands. Each material has its unique properties and benefits, and can be better suited to different people. We have discussed material options for wedding rings in more detail before and you should explore all of the options available. When choosing a wedding ring, opt for a metal that aligns with your lifestyle, preferences and budget.

Make the Ring Personal

In addition to mass-produced rings, you have the option to design your own bespoke wedding rings. Being involved in the design of your wedding bands can make them even more special and you can create a completely unique design that is perfect for you. Bespoke designs will be hand-crafted too, so you can trust the quality will be outstanding. A handmade wedding ring is something you will cherish forever and in addition to being beautiful, it will be deeply personal. This type of wedding ring can be passed down through generations. 

Getting the Right Size is Essential

When it comes to your wedding ring, you shouldn’t compromise on comfort. You can wear a well-fitting wedding band every day without any problems and you won’t have to worry about it falling off your finger and getting lost either. Make sure you visit a jewellery shop and get your ring size measured accurately. It’s worth noting that factors such as temperature, humidity and physical activity, can all affect the size of your fingers too.

Think About the Future

Trends come and go, but your wedding ring is forever. While it's tempting to opt for a trendy design, you need to think about how well it will age and whether you will still love it decades down the line. Timeless designs are often the best option for wedding bands as they will look elegant for many years to come. However, if a trendy ring or an eye-catching antique resonates with you, go for something that you will be proud to wear forever. 

Budgeting Wisely

Setting a realistic budget is essential when purchasing wedding rings. There are no old rules for wedding rings, like spending three months' salary on an engagement ring, and you should focus on what you can afford without compromising on quality. Since you will wear your wedding ring every day for the rest of your life, it’s crucial to ensure that it will stand the test of time but remember that a ring's worth is not measured solely by its price tag.

Visit a Jewellery Shop in Windsor 

Choosing the perfect wedding ring involves a mixture of practical and emotional considerations. Hopefully, the information above will be useful when you’re trying to find the perfect rings to exchange on your big day. If you would like to get some tailored advice from a jewellery expert to ensure you’re making the right investment, our team at Anthony Paul Jewellery will be happy to guide you through the process of choosing wedding rings. 

When you visit our flagship jewellery shop in Windsor, a member of our experienced team will be on hand to help you. You can browse some of the different ring designs we have available and even discuss the option of bespoke, handmade wedding rings in more detail. We look forward to helping you find the perfect wedding rings.