Our Story, so far

Founded by Anthony Jackson in 1982, family is at the heart of our business. Anthony welcomed his first son, George, into the fold in 2006, followed by his other son, Joe, in 2008. Over the years, they were guided by Anthony’s partner and general manager, Corina, in the day-to-day running of the business. Today, the business is managed by George and Joe, who are proudly following in their father’s footsteps and continuing to build the brand, with four successful boutiques. 

Founder Anthony Jackson in our Henley boutique in 2000.

Meet the Founder

Anthony’s love for jewellery started at a young age, encouraged by his mother’s antiques business. In 1978, he got his first job at a jewellers in Ascot as an apprentice goldsmith. Just four years later, Anthony opened his own shop in Farnham Common. Following his growing success, he relocated to Windsor and expanded to Henley and Maidenhead, which are still going strong today.  

Looking to the Future

Over the last few years, George and Joe have been working hard to modernise the business. They want to carefully combine traditional skills and knowledge with exciting, new techniques. The brothers are driven by their passion for goldsmithing and antique jewellery, as well as a personal drive to look after our planet in the process.

Pieces of the Past

A newspaper advert from the 1980s.

Pieces of the Past

Old leaflets, cards and boxes from our proud history.

Pieces of the Past

Anthony and his son George all suited and booted for a day of work, back in 1995.

Our Workshop

Our established Windsor workshop was set up by Anthony in 1986. Through generations, it’s remained a key part of the business. And our master goldsmith, Nick Rumney, has been with the company for more than 20 years.

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Our Boutiques

A little about our boutiques and their history – including some retro photos… 

We opened our first Windsor boutique in 1986. In 2004, we moved across the road to our current flagship store, which is also home to our renowned workshop.
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Proudly showcasing its original Seventies shopfront, our Maidenhead boutique is retro on the outside with a modern interior.
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Established in 1988, our Henley boutique remains the oldest family-run jewellers in the riverside town. Inside, its elegant Georgian style reflects the historic charm of the high street.
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