Our Hydro

We produce our very own electricity

The micro hydropower project began in 2016. It was the brainchild of Anthony Paul Jewellery founder, Anthony Jackson, and his partner Corina Walker, with the vision of contributing towards a more sustainable planet. The hydropower station’s built deep in the Welsh mountains, harvesting the power from two large streams and producing enough clean energy for over 100 homes. It’s helped us become a carbon neutral company, so we can now proudly say that all our handmade jewellery’s produced using renewable green energy. But we don’t want to stop there – we’re always researching even more sustainable projects to invest in over the coming years.


The Lowdown

The Process

Here’s a glimpse into the work behind the three-year-long project…

Step One

The first step was building two weirs and a forebay tank.

Step Two

The second step was to build the power station and grid connection cubicle at the base of the mountain.

Step Three

Then 900 metres of pipe and cabling were installed to connect the weirs at the top to the power station at the bottom.

Step Four

This was followed by installation of the turbine, generator and computer control system.

Step Five

Finally, the wiring, commissioning and the TURNING ON…