Jewellery Buying Guide: What’s The Best Metal For Wedding & Engagement Rings?

by Joe Jackson on Jan 11, 2022

Jewellery Buying Guide: What’s The Best Metal For Wedding & Engagement Rings?

Whilst doing your research for that all important proposal or once in a lifetime wedding day what is more important than the rings? While a rings stone or diamond is important, so too is the metal it sits in. It can sometimes feel like shopping in a minefield when trying to find the perfect wedding or engagement ring but we are here to help you find the perfect metal choice with our latest buying guide: What’s The Best Metal For Wedding & Engagement Rings?

How to choose the perfect metal for you rings

First things first, it is important to note that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to ring metal choice. There are several aspects that will make it easier for you to decide but each person, purpose and purchase is unique. Let’s take a look at some key questions you should ask yourself before deciding on your metal choice.

What does the person or people do for a living?

This may sound like a strange question, but it helps you understand how durable you need your ring to be. For example, if you are an office worker, you can likely go for a softer metal as you won’t be knocking it all the time. If you work in construction though, you may want something more durable if you are not planning on taking the ring off.

What kind of skin tone does the wearer have?

Certain metals range in colour and can suit different skin tones better. Consider who the ring or rings are for and take a look at this article here which can help find matching skin tones to certain metal types.

Have you or they already got an engagement ring?

This is important because you will want to ensure the engagement ring and wedding bands match. As mentioned in the previous section, different metals have different colours so when put together you want to ensure a flush fit in both shape and style. This is equally important when shopping for your engagement rings, as you may need to consider costs when matching the wedding bands in future.

What is your budget?

This one is pretty straightforward but equally important to consider. Different metals can range heavily on price so keep in mind how much you are likely to spend. For an idea of different costs, head over to our collections of rings available online here.

Pros & Cons of metals for Wedding or Engagement rings

Each metal comes with its own strengths and weaknesses and there is not one type that is the perfect choice but below we look to highlight the key aspects of each metal in relation to the questions in the previous section. This should help you when considering the best type of ring to buy.

Yellow Gold Rings

Yellow gold is one of the most popular and traditional choices for both wedding bands and engagement rings. Let’s break down the questions to see if it is the right fit for you or your partner:

Yellow Gold Durability

Yellow gold would be considered relatively mid-range in terms of its durability. It requires low maintenance but can be susceptible to fading and scratching when rubbed or hit against hard surfaces. This means it will need regular polishing to keep its shine depending on how often and where it is worn.

Yellow Gold Skin Tones  

Yellow gold is considered an all rounder for skin tone matching but can stand out more with olive or darker skin tones.

Yellow Gold Ring Costs

Yellow gold varies in price across different retailers but one key factor that will affect the price is how much pure gold it contains, also known Carats. In general though, it is one of the more affordable metals when comparing wedding and engagement rings.

White Gold Rings

Like yellow gold rings, white gold is another popular choice for all genders when it comes to wedding or engagement rings. Let’s take a look at some of its pros and cons.

White Gold Durability

Similar to yellow gold, white gold rings are pretty durable but can be susceptible to light scratching and fading. To keep its white colour, it will also require “dipping” every year or two depending on how often and where it is worn. This is a relatively low-cost service. It is also worth noting that white gold rings can contain nickel which some people may be allergic to.

White Gold Skin Tones  

White gold is considered an all-rounder for skin tone matching but is a great choice for fairer skin due to its complimentary light shine

White Gold Ring Costs

White gold also ranges in price depending on the quality and quantity of the pure gold it contains. Generally, though, it is considered to be an affordable choice for both wedding and engagement rings.

Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold’s pink, red and rose colours come from its combination of gold, copper and silver. It is a popular choice for wedding related rings due to its colour. Here are the rings strengths and weaknesses.

Rose Gold Durability

As mentioned in the previous section, rose gold rings are made using copper making it slightly stronger than white and yellow gold. This doesn’t mean it is indestructible though and will still require a level of maintenance such as buffing or polishing every year or so.

Rose Gold Skin Tones  

A true all rounder due to its colour and shine. Rose gold compliments every skin tone from light and fair to darker or olive tones.

Rose Gold Ring Costs

The copper in rose gold doesn’t just help the colour and durability, but also its price. As it is a lower priced metal mixed with the gold it makes rose gold rings a more affordable option.

Platinum Rings

Platinum wedding or engagement rings are a true sign of luxury due to its rarity as a mineral. The metal is found deep in the earth’s crust making it harder and more expensive to mine. That being said, let’s look at some of the positives and negatives of this luxurious metal choice.

Platinum Rings Durability

Platinum rings tend to be more durable than most other metal types. It has a good resistance to wear and tear but will still require a small level of maintenance every year or two depending on where and how often it is worn. It is also a hypoallergenic.

Platinum Ring Skin Tones  

Due to it’s lighter shine, similar to White Gold, Platinum rings tend to compliment fair and light skin tones but could also be considered a well all-rounder.

Platinum Ring Costs

Due to the metals location and rarity, Platinum is usually the more expensive option for wedding bands or engagement rings.

So, What Ring Metal Choice Should You Go With?

Hopefully, after reading the pros and cons of each metal above, it’s compelentary skin tones, price indications and durability, you should now have a good idea of what you want to start looking at.

If you are still stuck, here are some additional quick tips for the following:

Engagement rings:

Most proposals tend to be a secret so try to see what colour metal your fiancé to be already wears. This will give you an indication of the type they prefer. If it is a mix, try picking what you think will be best based on your budget and all the sections mentioned in this article.

Wedding rings:

This one is easier as it tends to be a team choice. The best option here is to simply go and try some different metal types on and see what compliments you best.

If you are still stuck, our friendly jewellery experts are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Simple get in touch with us online or give us a call here.