Exploring The Different Signet Ring Shapes  

on Aug 26, 2022

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson

Director | Family run jewellers specialising in bespoke & antique jewellery
Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson started his career in Jewellery in 2008, where he began working in his father’s shop in Marlow. After learning the ropes and gaining an in-depth knowledge of jewellery, he took over the business with his brother George. Now running our Maidenhead boutique he continues in his father’s footsteps.

Joe specialises in buying in beautiful antique and pre-loved pieces that are proudly displayed in all our boutiques. He’s also motivated to blend the traditional skills and craftsmanship with the demand for digital and online content by creating our website and sharing the day-to-day running of the business and workshops on social media.

Exploring The Different Signet Ring Shapes  

Traditionally, signet rings were worn by upper-class men as a sign of identity and royals would use them to seal official documents to show they were authentic. However, signet rings are a gender-neutral fashion item in today’s modern society and they’re more affordable and widely available these days. It isn’t uncommon for people to invest in classic signet rings that can be passed down through generations, and they’re a very popular choice of ring. 

Signet rings are incredibly versatile in design, they can be made with most precious metal types and different hand engraving styles can be used to add symbols, letters, numbers or images to the ring head. Many don’t realise just how many shapes there are to choose from when purchasing a signet ring too and the head shape you choose will have a big impact on the overall look of the ring. Below we have explored some of the most popular signet ring shapes; 

Oval signet ring

Oxford oval is a classic signet ring shape and it’s a timeless choice that can be worn for decades to come. Oval signet rings are ideal for all types of engraving and even the smallest head sizes will be able to accommodate a family crest. Depending on your finger size, an oval signet ring may be the best solution to prevent the ring from looking bulky.

Square signet ring

When you’re searching for a more modern design, a square signet ring is a great option. This sleek shape is a popular alternative to a classic oval ring and it’s frequently chosen by those who are wanting to make a fashion statement with their jewellery. Square signet rings look great in every metal, from sterling silver to yellow gold. 

Cushion signet ring

Sometimes, a square signet ring is too harsh and a cushion signet ring might be a better choice. This shape has rounded corners, making it more delicate, and it’s perfect for both men and women to wear. The head on a cushion signet ring is larger than other shapes too, providing you with a brilliant canvas for your custom engraving. 

Round signet ring

If you like the look of a classic oval signet ring, but you want something slightly different, a round signet ring is a perfect alternative. This is a simple and elegant shape, and it’s understated enough that you can wear your signet ring every day. No matter what finger you choose to wear a round signet ring on, this shape will look sophisticated. 

Shield signet ring

On the other hand, if you want your signet ring to be striking and eye-catching, a shield shape is a unique choice. Shield signet rings are less common than any of the shapes mentioned above, but they’re a great option to explore. This shape is the perfect combination of vintage and modern, and it’s often considered more special than a standard square signet ring. 

Heart signet ring

When you’re purchasing a ring as a gift for a loved one, a heart signet ring is an excellent choice. The heart-shaped head is distinctive and it instantly modernises a very traditional type of ring. Depending on what you’d like to have engraved on the ring, you may find that the head size is too small though, so consider your engraving needs when choosing a shape.  

Purchasing a signet ring online 

If you’re interested in purchasing a new signet ring, no matter which shape you choose, be sure to explore the Anthony Paul Jewellery website. We specialise in fine jewellery and handmade pieces, and we have a brilliant selection of signet rings to choose from. 

Casting our own signet rings gives us the freedom to tailor our rings to our customers’ needs and we hand-finish all of our signet rings using age-old techniques to ensure the craftsmanship is exemplary. We also offer personalised engraving and we will help you to add a sentimental touch to your new signet ring. 

You can order your ring online via our website or you can visit one of our boutiques to try on a few different metal types, shapes and head sizes before placing your order. To find out more about how our team at Anthony Paul Jewellery can assist you, feel free to contact us today. We’re always happy to help.