Anthony Paul - Why Choose Us For Bespoke Jewellery?

on Jul 26, 2022

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson

Director | Family run jewellers specialising in bespoke & antique jewellery
Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson started his career in Jewellery in 2008, where he began working in his father’s shop in Marlow. After learning the ropes and gaining an in-depth knowledge of jewellery, he took over the business with his brother George. Now running our Maidenhead boutique he continues in his father’s footsteps.

Joe specialises in buying in beautiful antique and pre-loved pieces that are proudly displayed in all our boutiques. He’s also motivated to blend the traditional skills and craftsmanship with the demand for digital and online content by creating our website and sharing the day-to-day running of the business and workshops on social media.

Want to create your very own special piece of jewellery? Anthony Paul Jewellery can create a distinctive, individual piece of bespoke jewellery that reflects your design ideas and wishes. Whether you’d like to design a new cluster ring or enhance your existing jewellery item with new colours, our specialists can design an elegant, sophisticated piece according to all your preferences. 


Read below to learn more about why you should visit Anthony Paul Jewellery for bespoke jewellery in Henley-on-Thames. If you’d like to enquire about our jewellery - then please contact our team today via the details below. 


Our In-House Team of Designers and Goldsmiths


Here at Anthony Paul Jewellery, we have an in-house team of designers and goldsmiths. All of our experts have acquired many years of experience in bespoke jewellery, so you can be confident in our knowledge and expertise. We’re well-practised in creating stunning bespoke jewellery, meeting all of our clients’ personal and unique needs. You can be assured that your bespoke jewellery will be crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, thanks to our almost four decades in the jewellery trade. 


Detailed Bespoke Process


When you come to us for a bespoke piece of jewellery, it will be a comprehensive and intricate process from start to finish. You will have an in-depth consultation with one of our experts, which will allow us to fully understand your wishes and aims. Then, we will provide you with a professional hand-drawn design to give you a clear vision of what your piece will look like. 


Once you’re satisfied with the design, we’ll get to work meticulously hand-crafting your jewellery in our Windsor workshop. When it’s all complete, our team will provide you with a custom fitting and delivery service.


Portfolio of Previous Jewellery Creations


Another reason why you should visit Anthony Paul Jewellery for your bespoke jewellery needs is our impressive portfolio. Over the years, our specialists have conceptualised and created a diverse range of exquisite pieces of jewellery. From enhancing pear-shaped rings with additional colour to using antique stones for cluster rings, we’ve created bespoke jewellery in a plethora of styles - matching individuals’ personal visions. 


Exemplary Service and Experience


Furthermore, you can expect impeccable service from start to finish. Our friendly, welcoming team will ensure that you receive a first-class experience throughout. We will always be on hand to guide you and provide you with expert advice during your jewellery journey. No matter how big or small your needs are, we’ll make sure that they’re fully met by our team at all times. You can have peace of mind that you’ll be working with a reputable, trusted company as we’ve got a multitude of top reviews and testimonials on Trustpilot, so you’re in great hands. 


Interested in Bespoke Jewellery in Henley-on-Thames?


If you would like to design your own unique, personal piece of jewellery with our experts, then please contact us at Anthony Paul Jewellery today. You can make an enquiry via the online form on our website or by emailing at Our team can arrange an appointment at a time and date that suits you. We’re here to discuss all your jewellery ideas - whether you’d like assistance with sourcing stones, or want to add colour to your existing piece. 


We provide first-class bespoke jewellery services, turning all of our clients’ ideas into reality and creating memorable pieces that will be treasured for years to come. Visit our website today to browse all of our bespoke jewellery options, and explore our Signet Rings, jewellery and repair services further.

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